Decision-making bodies

The Sociolinguistic Cluster has two main decision-making bodies:
1. General Assembly
All members have the right to participate in the decisions made by the General Assembly. In addition to approving the previous year's balance sheets and debating the activities planned for the coming twelve months, the Assembly also appoints the members of the Governing Board.
2. Governing Board
The Governing Board is made up by the members appointed by the General Assembly. Its main function is to make the decisions necessary to guarantee compliance with the targets set in the strategic reflection and annual management plan, as well as to make any necessary adjustments. The current members of the Governing Board are:

Chair: Elhuyar Aholkularitza
Representative: Maddi Etxebarria

Deputy Chair: Euskaraz Kooperatiba Elkartea (AEK).
Representative: Mertxe Mugika


Treasurer: Gipuzkoako Urtxintxa Eskola
Representative: Maite Asensio


Member: ARTEZ Euskara Zerbitzua
Representative: Estiñe Astorkia


Member: Topagunea. Euskara Elkarteen Federazioa
Representative: Jasone Mendizabal


Member: Eusko Ikaskuntza
Representative: Josune Etxaniz


Member: Emun Kooperatiba Elkartea
Representative: Anaida Agirre


Member: HUHEZI Koop. E.
Representative: Nekane Arratibel


Secretary:  Imanol Larrea